Meet The Manor Maids Team

The Manor Maids low staff turnover allows you to enjoy the same team each visit to your home and we go to great lengths to ensure that you can trust our employees. We check all work history, references and do an extensive background and credit check on each employee hired. Because we put so much emphasis on hiring and training only the best candidates it is not surprising that most of our clients trust us with keys to their homes. Each team member is responsible for cleaning a specific area of your house during each visit. We work in teams of three as we feel this insures the most effective approach to precision cleaning. Although each team member is fully trained, cleaning the same area ensures consistent service every visit to your home. We offer wonderful references, total dependability and we are licensed, bonded and insured, all designed to allow you to entrust your fine property to the best in the business.

Knowledge is Critical

Quality Maid Products
The Manor Maids Team uses the highest quality products to clean our client’s homes. Whether we’re cleaning hardwoods, granite, marble, stainless steel appliances or porcelain cook tops, The Manor Maids insures that our staff understands correct product usage and application. For your convenience, we also provide our own specialized, high quality cleaning products and equipment.

100% Customer Satisfaction

The Manor Maids ensures 100% customer satisfaction because we use:

  • A Owner supervised, uniformed and professionally trained 3-Person Team to provide maid services in your home.
  • Employees who are bonded and insured.
  • A Special White Glove Deep Cleaning System to provide an unbeatable, reliable and healthy thorough cleaning.


  • Swiffer Dusters®
  • Micro Fiber Cloths®
  • Endust Free Hypo-Allergenic®
  • Windex Antibacterial Multi-Surface®
  • Clorox Green Works Natural Cleaner®
  • Lysol Disinfectant Toilet Bowl Cleaner®
  • Soft Scrub with Bleach®
  • Tilex Mold and Mildew®
  • Zep Stainless Cleaner®
  • Cerama Bryte Glass & Ceramic Cook Top Cleaner®
  • Mr. Clean Antibacterial®

Back-pack vacuums with HEPA filters which can capture up to 99 percent of dust, allergens and pollutants and are approved for hospital use.

But we do much more- for example we are so thorough, we even clean the toilet and surrounding floor area on our hands and knees, using a brush to clean these areas each and every visit. This type of attention to detail really goes a long way towards complete customer satisfaction and sets us apart from other cleaning companies.

For more information or to schedule a free in home consultation with the Manor Maids please contact Jill Richards: 


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